Apparently, the decision came after hackers tried to get into the gmail accounts of human rights activists. The actual response from Google is to stop censoring searches from China, as it has done in exchange for being allowed to operate there, but in so doing, may have to withdraw altogether.

Read the Huffpost article here, and Google’s own blog post about the subject here.

Oh, wow, is all I can say. Capricorn rules governments; let’s see what unfolds from this. What a retrograde this is turning out to be.

I’m blogging on the road, so I’m just going to list a few interesting events that appear during this retrograde period and invite thoughts or comments.

Mercury is now in the shadow period in Capricorn (which rules tradition, authority, and institutions), and we seem to be seeing some institutional or official backtracking and secrets coming to light, reminding us of the long and painful process of adjustment we’re facing as Pluto moves through Capricorn. (See earlier post on Mercury rx in Capricorn here).

The list will be updated as and when:

Image: Paddington Bear (official website)

Just as well I don’t use it.

Story here.

1010147_money_glass Taurus is the sign that rules material security and tactile sensuality. As the global recession continues to bite, mishaps about money that are very much in the news at the moment serve as reminders of the seriousness, and at times, the utter ludicrousness, of the situation.

In the UK, political casualties of the MPs’ expenses claims scandal continue to gather momentum, culminating (at present) in the resignation of the Justice Minister. While these are serious instances of misconduct by public officials, that the news is completely saturated with it makes one wonder what is being overlooked.


Mercury is now getting ready to move back into Taurus from Gemini, where it will stay until 30-31 May 2009. Mercury rx in Gemini has made us review communication styles and ideas, while Mercury rx in Taurus will shift the focus back to Taurean ideals of personal comfort and values, practical application, and grounded stability.