Mercury is now getting ready to move back into Taurus from Gemini, where it will stay until 30-31 May 2009. Mercury rx in Gemini has made us review communication styles and ideas, while Mercury rx in Taurus will shift the focus back to Taurean ideals of personal comfort and values, practical application, and grounded stability.

This is the second in the Air to Earth retrogrades this year. Where the retrograde in Capricorn-Aquarius last January highlighted an integration of government and authority (Capricorn) to a wider humanitarian vision (Aquarius), this retrograde of Gemini-Taurus is potentially going to feel much more personal — it is not difficult to see how we are reassessing the ideas (Gemini) of money and materialism (Taurus), though this process began way before this retrograde. Retrogrades don’t ‘make’ things happen — but they can bring stuff that’s already there to the surface, forcing us to face them.

So, here’s a sampling of the news today:

  • The UK’s Office for National Statistics are forced to rush out unemployment figures after ‘accidental early release’
  • UK members of parliament continue to be plagued by scandals about expenses, including the leader of the Conservative Party (in opposition) calling on his own MPs to pay up or face the sack, after weeks of deriding the ruling Labour Party and the Prime Minister — i.e. clear out your own backyard before criticising your neighbours’
  • Prince Charles locks horns with architects again after 25 years — the last time he made his famous ‘carbuncle’ speech was on 30 May 1984, when Mercury was in (yup) Taurus. (see also)
  • And more Bush-era secrets coming to light

P.S. Google launches an advertising campaign for yet another product, Chrome, during Merc rx!