1010147_money_glass Taurus is the sign that rules material security and tactile sensuality. As the global recession continues to bite, mishaps about money that are very much in the news at the moment serve as reminders of the seriousness, and at times, the utter ludicrousness, of the situation.

In the UK, political casualties of the MPs’ expenses claims scandal continue to gather momentum, culminating (at present) in the resignation of the Justice Minister. While these are serious instances of misconduct by public officials, that the news is completely saturated with it makes one wonder what is being overlooked.

In Germany, this motorist driving in an open-top car forced police to close the motorway when his stack of 23,000 Euros that he’d intended to pay for the car with flew out.

In the US, stimulus cheques are sent to dead people, and a Madoff trustee recovers US$1bn.

Other instances of backtracking: Obama reinstates trials for Guantamo inmates, among a few other flip-flops.

And Google has yet another glitch during this retrograde! (The last one was here.) Here’s what the impact of the two-hour slowdown looks like.

On a personal front, you may be reviewing your finances, or more abstractly, what you value in life, Taurean materiality delivering some concrete solutions or ideas for issues that surfaced during the recent Venus retrograde (Venus rules Taurus). Store these ideas somewhere for a few weeks, as clearer answers may come when Mercury goes direct in Taurus at the end of the month.

Image: Money glass. Source: stock.xchng.