Mercury retrograde gets too much bad press sometimes. A brief Technorati tag search usually calls up a litany of complaints against a planet that is really just doing its own thing. And I have to admit, by posting on this blog I sometimes contribute to it. So, with a few more days left to this retrograde cycle, I thought I would redress that imbalance and post a list of things Mercury retrograde is actually good for. Robert Wilkinson already has a post on the subject, so I will borrow some of his terms and add my own.

  1. Research
  2. Reflect
  3. Review
  4. Rehearse
  5. Revise
  6. Re-assess
  7. Re-organise
  8. Resume

Basically, Mercury retrograde is good for going over all the stuff you’re otherwise too busy to think about.

Think of it as a life brake (maybe not ‘break’!). Yes, it can be exhausting, but look at it this way, if you weren’t feeling exhausted, would you know when to stop? If you didn’t feel the pain in your knee, would you keep aggravating the injury? If you didn’t stop to look, would you realise your kitchen cupboards are filled with things past their use-by date? If you didn’t throw them out, would you have space for new things?

Most of all, I find a little psychic de-cluttering can’t hurt as well.