Merc Rx in Capricorn

Sisifo (1548–49), Titian

If people are feeling the extra intensity these past couple of days, it might be a reflection of Mercury retrograding back over Mars and Pluto sitting on top of each other at 4° Capricorn. I have Jupiter at 3° Cap and Venus at 4° Cancer, so I’m feeling like I’m dragging around sacks of potatoes at the moment; sacks which I feel like flinging at people from time to time.

Here are some excerpts on the triple conjunction from the blogosphere:

  • ElsaElsa:

    Right now we have this very intense, Mars, Mercury, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and it’s just not the kind of energy a person can ignore. It’s going to erupt one way or the other, like a war. This is occurring for all of us, even if the manifestation is as innocuous as a fever the comes up in yourself or your child.

  • Julie Demboski: ‘Tilt-A-Whirl’ says it all I think!
  • Libra Seeking Balance:

    Another way of looking at this combination is Mercury is being forced to act as a mouthpiece for Mars and Pluto. The thing is Mars and Pluto in Capricorn are a very powerful combination and when they throw a punch it will go through the wall, not bounce off of it. Keep that in mind when you start throwing words around right now because they will be weapons capable of penetrating deep into another person’s psyche.

  • Planet Waves:

    There is a message involved; that’s the nature of Mercury. Whatever this chart is about, there is a message. In personal matters, this is a day to either stay silent or if you want to speak, to choose your words carefully. That would choosing include listening, a skill rare enough to find. Listening would include to yourself and to others. The retrograde advises introspection, thinking before you act, and focusing on psychology and motives, especially your own.

A slip of the tongue resulted in a BBC Radio 4 presenter substituting a minister’s name with a rude word.

What’s really funny, and mercurial, is how the slip gets repeated by another broadcaster trying to report the story without saying the word, and proceeds to do just that.

Mercury retrogrades from 5 to 30 December 2010, from 5° 55′ Capricorn to 19° 39′ Sagittarius, but the current shadow phase is already throwing up plenty as the Wikileaks saga shows no sign of losing momentum.

Mercury is in Capricorn now and Capricorn is the sign of government and large organisations. Is it any surprise that instead of addressing their own accountability, they seem to be out to shoot the messenger (which is Mercury’s key role), Wikileaks’ founder, Julian Assange, through unrelated allegations.

A couple of astrologers share their thoughts on the matter:

Update, 7 December 2010: Here’s an interview with Assange on TED in July 2010.

Image: Leaking tap. Source: stock.xchng

Apparently, the decision came after hackers tried to get into the gmail accounts of human rights activists. The actual response from Google is to stop censoring searches from China, as it has done in exchange for being allowed to operate there, but in so doing, may have to withdraw altogether.

Read the Huffpost article here, and Google’s own blog post about the subject here.

Oh, wow, is all I can say. Capricorn rules governments; let’s see what unfolds from this. What a retrograde this is turning out to be.

The BBC sets up a meeting between an ex-prison guard who served at Guantanamo Bay with two of the Tipton Three, who were released without charge in 2004,* after he contacts them on Facebook.


*Their story is dramatized in Michael Winterbottom’s Road to Guantanamo (2006).

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