On a rare occasion, a new President of the United States is sworn in 5 minutes after the appointed time!

Other minor flubs:

  • The swearing in — fumbling on ‘faithfully’
  • The inaugural speech — 43, 44 oaths.
  • Inaugural parade — an hour behind

A shadow is cast by Ted Kennedy’s collapse during the congressional luncheon, but the proceedings generally go without a hitch. Mercury retrograde needn’t always mean chaos, especially if there has been thorough and careful preparation beforehand, almost an understatement given the logistics of the event!

The New York Times reports that the cellular phone industry is expecting a huge surge in mobile communications during the Inauguration celebrations.

Phone companies are apparently making an unprecedented move by asking its users to restrain themselves while making calls or sending photos or movies over the mobile network.

A prime example of Mercury retrograding from Aquarius to Capricorn if you ask me:

Communications (Mercury) + technology (Aquarius) + caution (Capricorn).

More on Mercury rx in Capricorn soon.