Not the 4G.

Take it around with you when Mercury is about to retrograde.

Apparently, one of Apple’s software engineers took a 4G prototype along with him to a beer garden on his birthday and left it behind. What happened next is recounted here.

Image: iPhone at Macworld (2007). Source: Wikimedia Commons.

on the day of Mercury retrograde?!

Definitely worth watching to see how it pans out.

Here are my previous posts when the iPhone first launched. Also during Merc rx.

You’d think these tech firms would learn to hire an astrologer by now.

Apple’s iPhone was launched during the last Mercury retrograde.

Although it’s popular, it’s problems are well-documented.

As we move into the next retrograde period, the iPhone’s problems seem nowhere near abating. The latest news is that a customer is suing Apple for US$1 million for the price reduction.