The energy movement of Mercury retrograde, as I have mentioned, is akin to driving a boat in reverse. The planet’s station or stationary position is the point where it stops just before moving backward or forward again. The Sun and Moon are the only two ‘planets’ that do not retrograde or station. A planetary station concentrates the energies of the planet in preparation for moving backward or forward again, much like a boat in reverse kicking up quite a bit of splash before it changes direction.

The point the planet stations and is about to move backward or forward again is often referred to as the planet going station retrograde or station direct, or that the planet is in retrograde station or direct station at a particular moment.

The current Mercury retrograding in Pisces is set to station direct on Saturday, 25 March 2006, at 13° 11′ Pisces. When a planet begins to go direct after a retrograde period, there may be a sense of release as all the blocks and obstacles begin to dissolve or appear less obstructive. From personal experience, the change can seem quite dramatic, as my mood lifts and phones start ringing, and stalled plans seem to move again. But of course, different people experience it differently.

This is what Cafe Astrolgy has to say about Mercury stationing direct in my 3rd house:

Mercury Stationary Direct in 3rd House

Several weeks of greater confusion than you’d have liked are on their way out and you can get back to what you were doing with a bit more confidence and sense of purpose. Getting roadblocks out of the way allows you to chart a surer course and feel better about what you are doing and what kind of commitments you can make and live up to. Red herrings and detours can be put behind you as you get back onto a map everybody can buy into. The cost of delays and uncertainties is made up for by knowing that they no longer impede and that you can now throttle up and get on some real speed.

I shall be away for the next three weeks but will try and post externally and report how it goes from Saturday!