Mercury has just ingressed its home sign of Gemini, except that it is also grinding to a halt in preparation for its retrograde on 6 May in 1+° Gemini.

Mercury is chatty and curious in Gemini, ideas come fast and furious, fuelling many an intellectual adventure. From Stephen Arroyo once again, Mercury in Gemini can be interpreted as such:

  • Communicates fluently, quickly, cleverly, and intelligently — sometimes superficially
  • Urge to express perceptions immediately
  • Needs to learn through establishing and identifying connections among people and ideas
  • Changeably curious mind expresses itself through friendly interactions with others and through endless questions
  • High level of nervous energy is expressed through talking, writing, or other forms of manual/mental dexterity (62–63)

As Mercury slows to a stop, however, these qualities can feel blocked, or at the very least, weighed down. Much patience is required.

Arroyo, Stephen. Chart Interpretation Handbook. Sebastapol, Ca.: CRCS, 1989.