I haven’t been able to get to a computer to log in in the past week, much less write a post in time for Mercury’s retrograde station in Sagittarius.

Between Hurricane Sandy and the US elections and the general state of perpetual crisis we seem to be in, not to mention two upcoming eclipses this month, what can I say about Mercury retrograde at this time?

This current retrograde spans most of November and crosses from fiery Sagittarius to watery Scorpio (6 to 26 November 2012, 4+° Sagittarius to 18+° Scorpio), creating the potential for some steam. As Mercury moves from outward-looking Sagittarius back to inward-looking Scorpio, we may be asked to consider what relationship or impact the wider world (Sag) may have on our inner psyches (Scorpio).

Here’s a summary of what Mercury feels like in Sagittarius; and here’s Scorpio.

  • Communicates openly, truthfully, optimistically, enthusiastically, and tolerantly
  • The need to learn is expressed through restless aspiration propelling one toward an ideal
  • Thinking and reasoning are guided by long-term goals rather than mundane details
  • Interest in teaching others what one has learned; learning and teaching are seen as closely related
  • Need to establish connections with others by being direct, truthful and broad-minded
  • Coherent thinking can be blurred by the over-generalizations that idealistic aspirations motivate

(Stephen Arroyo, Chart Interpretation Handbook, CRCS, 1989)