Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio, the third of the Water signs, from 28 October to 18 November 2006, the back-end shadow beginning 9 October and the front-end shadow ending 4 December. (Am I the only one thinking I’m still recovering from the last Rx?)

The qualities of Mercury in Scorpio are:

  • Communicates powerfully, deeply, and passionately (often non-verbally!); can form deeply intimate bonds through communication
  • Urge for communication comes from the depths of one’s being and is never superficial
  • A profound need to learn by penetrating and probing to the core of reality; very thorough in all research and interested in detection
  • Use of skill and intelligence are influenced by powerful desires, deep passions, and the urge to discover others’ hidden motivations
  • Ability to establish connections with others can be inhibited by the need for secrecy and silence (64-65)

This is Cafe Astrology’s description of people with Mercury in Scorpio:

Their intelligence is absolutely instinctive. Strategies are their specialty. Their idea of constructive criticism can be interpreted as destructive criticism, depending on their audience. It can be very hard to win an argument or debate with Mercury in Scorpio. They are absolutely driven to win, not just for the sake of scoring intellectual points, but simply to come out on top in general. Besides that, it is hard to deny that their thinking is really quite lucid, at least in presentation. You may be gritting your teeth, but it will be hard not to concede.

They’ll staunchly support and defend anyone they care about. And, their energy in speech (or sheer intensity) can be motivating….

They are naturally suspicious, expecting bad intentions first. Mercury in Scorpio people love intrigue, mystery, and hidden motives. If they don’t channel this interest into mental pursuits, they can end up creating their own mysteries. Others might start wondering if they are paranoid.

So with Pisces we had adaptive intuition, with Cancer initiative emotion and now with Scorpio, which is a Fixed sign, we have determined passion. Something tells me this may be our most exciting Mercury Rx yet this year. More soon.

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