In the light of the metaphor I used yesterday about shouting at a rock concert and not being heard, this news article today made me laugh. 

Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Hyde Park, London had the sound turned off by over-zealous bureaucrats after going over the three-hour limit. The mischievous nature of the incident is very much in the spirit of Mercury and Uranus rules electricity… :D This description totally describes a Mercury-Uranus retrograde moment…

‘It made for a slightly bizarre, anti-climactic end to what had been a fantastic show,’ said Stephen Robb, a BBC reporter who was at the event.

Incidentally, I had a quick glance at Springsteen’s chart. Retrograde Mercury is transiting over his 3rd house Mars (which will be fuming), and transiting Uranus is opposing his 5th house Libra stellium, which may be feeling even more off balance than usual…

Mercury is now retrograde in Leo (12+° to 1+°) and will continue until 8 August 2012. The last Mercury retrograde was in conjunction with Uranus in Aries. This time, Mercury stationed retrograde in Leo close to the time Uranus stationed retrograde in Aries, which is in a long-term square with Pluto.

With Uranus in the picture there is always the possibility of something sudden, shocking, or unexpected, although with so much craziness in the news these days, one wonders what else could shock us. Because the Uranus-Pluto square is long term (until 2015) and collective, and Mercury retrograde is short-term (three weeks) and personal, any disruption during this period can feel like shouting in a very loud rock concert — your voice adds to the general noise, but who can hear you, and would it matter? You can hear you, if only inside your own head, and that’s still important.

Rather than see any delays or disruptions during this Mercury retrograde as less significant than the larger changes around us, it may be worthwhile paying attention to how the lessons of any personal disruption (Mercury) in this period may allow us to cope with the wider disruption (Uranus) happening around us.


Mercury is currently station retrograding in my 4th house (past reflections here). Conjunct Uranus, expect, as I mentioned previously, increased volatility in thought and deed, as well as some radical problem-solving.

The 4th house, apart from being about where one is at home, is also (together with the 10th house) part of the axis of parents. My relationship with my parents have always been fraught with ambivalence, and a bewildering mix of love, pain, struggle and fear.

There was a heated exchange this past weekend (Mercury in fiery Aries) and an epiphany (Uranus) this morning — new information from the past was revealed and a piece of the puzzle fell into place. Something clicked. And I woke up to the fact that their pathology wasn’t mine. I wasn’t responsible for their neurosis and never have been. A sense of relief. And liberation. I give myself permission to be me.

It’s funny how you can ‘know’ this in your head, but knowing it in your heart is what makes it real.