Mercury in Capricorn, as I’ve mentioned, communicates in a controlled manner, very much within, or reinforcing, authoritative paradigms.

The movement of Mercury back from visionary Aquarius into cautious Capricorn from the point of President Obama’s inauguration sees the administration get down to the business of reforming government (Capricorn’s domain). In his inaugural speech, Obama mentions the need to keep one’s eyes ‘fixed on the horizon’, giving voice, when the Sun and Mercury are exact at 0° Aquarius, to the point where earth and air meet.

This is the entry for Mercury retrograde in Capricorn from Robert Wilkinson‘s A New Look at Mercury Retrograde (1997):

Here Mercury’s energies slow down to rethink in an organizational, utilitarian mode. The mind searches for that which brings power, authority, recognition, and/or effectiveness. This position looks at various forms of government, law, and order to find unshakable arguments. There may be discussions regarding disciplines, self-imposed rules, limits, or chains of thought. Mercury here teaches others about the nature of personal power and responsibility, and pragmatically reviews structures, or how things are put together and organized. There may be heavy speech, chronic pessimism, or mental-verbal power struggles based in unconscious fears. Here the responsible view is expressed, or another’s words are spoken in a responsible manner. This position sees the powerful in their blindness or obtuseness. It may speak assertive subconscious demands, express authority indirectly, or remind others of their responsibilities. This position knows how to concentrate to find the unsuspected, and speaks in a dignified way that compels others’ attention. There is a sensitivity to conservative ideas from other times, or other people, and the ability to rethink conventional points of view and what is behind them. (52–53)

It’s early days yet, and no one thinks it’ll be easy, but if there was ever a time to even attempt bipartisanship in government, it must be now.

Robert Wilkinson (1997) A New Look at Mercury Retrograde. York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser.