I have been trying to publish this for the past two days, but either kept getting interrupted or had connection problems — oh well.

Mercury is currently stationed in Taurus and due to retrograde from 17/18 April to 10/11 May 2010 (depending on which time zone you’re in), from 12°38′ to 02°40′ Taurus. And as usual I have slid straight into it.

I lost my car key today (Friday), but as with me and Mercury, it is never just the one instance of loss that makes it a Merc rx moment. For me, a real Merc rx moment has to have an element of cheeky coincidence about it.


I’ve watched this for a very long time. Life does indeed accelerate for me in the run up to Mercury retrograde just when all the advice is to slow down (see also). It must be the contrarian nature of my having natal Mercury trine natal Uranus or something! Actually I like this take on Merc rx, in that sometimes no matter what you do, stuff happens.

For me, it’s a bit like this: you try to go down a steep stair as slowly and as carefully as you can, but then you slip and are forced to go with the momentum until you stop. Somehow. Mercury retrograde is like that for me.