I’m blogging on the road, so I’m just going to list a few interesting events that appear during this retrograde period and invite thoughts or comments.

Mercury is now in the shadow period in Capricorn (which rules tradition, authority, and institutions), and we seem to be seeing some institutional or official backtracking and secrets coming to light, reminding us of the long and painful process of adjustment we’re facing as Pluto moves through Capricorn. (See earlier post on Mercury rx in Capricorn here).

The list will be updated as and when:

Image: Paddington Bear (official website)

Mercury in Capricorn, as I’ve mentioned, communicates in a controlled manner, very much within, or reinforcing, authoritative paradigms.

The movement of Mercury back from visionary Aquarius into cautious Capricorn from the point of President Obama’s inauguration sees the administration get down to the business of reforming government (Capricorn’s domain). In his inaugural speech, Obama mentions the need to keep one’s eyes ‘fixed on the horizon’, giving voice, when the Sun and Mercury are exact at 0° Aquarius, to the point where earth and air meet.