If anyone was warned off the internet by Google’s malware message yesterday, you were caught in a temporary glitch, popping up during the Mercury storm.


This is my favourite Mercury retrograde revelation this period (Aquarius rules technology).

Apparently, the new Presidential team, all Macintosh users, who mounted Obama’s savvy campaign with the best of technology, are more than a bit perplexed by the shortage of laptops, outdated Microsoft software on clunky PCs, even disconnected phone lines, in the White House.

Sometimes I wonder how America (or GWB, at least) managed to sustain ‘the most powerful country in the world’ narrative at all.

on the day of Mercury retrograde?!

Definitely worth watching to see how it pans out.

Here are my previous posts when the iPhone first launched. Also during Merc rx.

You’d think these tech firms would learn to hire an astrologer by now.