During a retrograde in 2008, there were reports about the disruption to the internet when several undersea cables were severed.

Yesterday, it seems a 75-year-old woman in Georgia single-handedly cut off the internet to 90% of neighbouring Armenia’s network when she sliced into a cable while digging for copper to sell for scrap…

As the Moon sails through Taurus (ruler of cash and associated with copper), this incident seems like a timely reminder of how materially dependent this magical virtual world still is.

I’ve watched this for a very long time. Life does indeed accelerate for me in the run up to Mercury retrograde just when all the advice is to slow down (see also). It must be the contrarian nature of my having natal Mercury trine natal Uranus or something! Actually I like this take on Merc rx, in that sometimes no matter what you do, stuff happens.

For me, it’s a bit like this: you try to go down a steep stair as slowly and as carefully as you can, but then you slip and are forced to go with the momentum until you stop. Somehow. Mercury retrograde is like that for me.


1010147_money_glass Taurus is the sign that rules material security and tactile sensuality. As the global recession continues to bite, mishaps about money that are very much in the news at the moment serve as reminders of the seriousness, and at times, the utter ludicrousness, of the situation.

In the UK, political casualties of the MPs’ expenses claims scandal continue to gather momentum, culminating (at present) in the resignation of the Justice Minister. While these are serious instances of misconduct by public officials, that the news is completely saturated with it makes one wonder what is being overlooked.


Arrgh! I am kicking myself. Retrograding Mercury is currently streaking through my second house, the house of personal resources and money, and wiping his snot on the furniture!

Just got a letter today having incurred a £30 direct debit penalty for a £70 credit card payment. On the credit card end, they penalised me £12 + a late fee of £4 for the payment being late.

Here’s where the tricksy bit comes in. It wasn’t that I’d forgotten to pay. I had already transferred money into the outgoing account – but as the transfer window is three days (if you’re lucky) and their computers work – a miss by less than a day incurred a £46 penalty on a £70 payment. I did effect the transfer three days ahead, but depending on where the cut-off point is with the different banks, the payment bounced by a margin of hours. I never miss a payment. But I should have been extra careful this time. Grr.