I’m going to try a one-event-a-post format rather than accumulate them all in one long post. None of these are likely to be accompanied by long analyses — with Mercury retrograde, I’m usually swimming upstream or stuck in quicksand — but I might make a comment or two.

While all sorts of communications glitches may occur during a retrograde, my favourite are the quirky ones — what one reporter calls ‘holy mackerel stories’.* I think the unexpected punchline characterises Mercury’s tricksiness best. Like when I was switching SIM cards in my mobile phone last week while travelling, and double-checking that the other one was safely stored in my pocketbook, only the act of checking caused it to fall out, and I lost it anyway… Anyhow, that is not the subject of today’s post.

I just read this piece about the White House’s objection to a clothing company’s use of Obama’s image on their billboard in Times Square.

The Merc rx moment is: the company agrees to take it down, but only two weeks later… ‘after figuring out a new ad campaign’.

That puts it at 22 January, on the day Jupiter (expansion) ingresses Pisces (illusions) — good for advertising, I reckon.

*Thanks to Chris Brennan of The Horoscopic Astrology Blog for the report and the mention.

1010147_money_glass Taurus is the sign that rules material security and tactile sensuality. As the global recession continues to bite, mishaps about money that are very much in the news at the moment serve as reminders of the seriousness, and at times, the utter ludicrousness, of the situation.

In the UK, political casualties of the MPs’ expenses claims scandal continue to gather momentum, culminating (at present) in the resignation of the Justice Minister. While these are serious instances of misconduct by public officials, that the news is completely saturated with it makes one wonder what is being overlooked.


This is my favourite Mercury retrograde revelation this period (Aquarius rules technology).

Apparently, the new Presidential team, all Macintosh users, who mounted Obama’s savvy campaign with the best of technology, are more than a bit perplexed by the shortage of laptops, outdated Microsoft software on clunky PCs, even disconnected phone lines, in the White House.

Sometimes I wonder how America (or GWB, at least) managed to sustain ‘the most powerful country in the world’ narrative at all.

Mercury in Capricorn, as I’ve mentioned, communicates in a controlled manner, very much within, or reinforcing, authoritative paradigms.

The movement of Mercury back from visionary Aquarius into cautious Capricorn from the point of President Obama’s inauguration sees the administration get down to the business of reforming government (Capricorn’s domain). In his inaugural speech, Obama mentions the need to keep one’s eyes ‘fixed on the horizon’, giving voice, when the Sun and Mercury are exact at 0° Aquarius, to the point where earth and air meet.


Following the flubbing by the Chief Justice on the day of his inauguration, President Obama is advised to re-take his oath by senior legal advisers, and does so.

Apparently, some astrologers are in a tizzy about the new development.

Merc rx in Capricorn — caution is definitely kicking in. And Merc rx in Aquarius — what did I say about the unexpected? Ho ho ho.

Update, 24 January 2009: And the music was fake. What else?