A Mississippi newspaper has issued a formal apology for its previous coverage of civil rights issues — news going back and revising past news — that’s a Mercury retrograde story if I ever saw one! And also true to the humanitarian, visionary, and unpredictable nature of Aquarius. I am reminded of Maya del Mar’s comment which I quoted in one of the first posts on Mercury retrograde in Aquarius:

In Aquarius we look to the future. With the retrograde, we return to the past. Thus with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, we can move through time, get a sense of history and its consequences, and see patterns and the big picture.

In addition, most of this retrograde period occurs during the Aquarius month of the year, when individualism, change, reform, and revolution are most energized. It’s the perfect time to re-evaluate the status quo and to uncover previously unseen truths. (2001 original here)

If anyone needs a potted history of the American Civil Rights Movement, have a look at the Wikipedia entry.