In an inexplicable move, Apple has decided to remove the RSS functionality from the latest version of its popular browser, Safari 6, as part of the Mountain Lion upgrade. As an RSS reader, it was simple, no-frills, and (for me) not Google Reader.

The online community is swift to respond. There have been numerous complaints and calls for its return, and a host of quick solutions, in the form of browser extensions, and automated workflows.

Reviewing and revising are the themes of Mercury retrograde, but it doesn’t mean remove what is useful. Fire signs can act too hastily. How are our own life-edits? Have we been throwing out the baby with the bath water?

Some of you might remember that Apple launched the iPhone during Mercury retrograde and there were a few glitches at the time.

Well, Apple just released its new operating software, Mountain Lion (Leo!), and yes, there have been a few glitches.

I’d wait till mid-August at least if you are thinking of getting it.

Not the 4G.

Take it around with you when Mercury is about to retrograde.

Apparently, one of Apple’s software engineers took a 4G prototype along with him to a beer garden on his birthday and left it behind. What happened next is recounted here.

Image: iPhone at Macworld (2007). Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Apple’s iPhone was launched during the last Mercury retrograde.

Although it’s popular, it’s problems are well-documented.

As we move into the next retrograde period, the iPhone’s problems seem nowhere near abating. The latest news is that a customer is suing Apple for US$1 million for the price reduction.

During Mercury retrograde, of course. Now, I’m an Apple fan, but this time I wonder if part of the development budget for a new product ought not to go into astrologers’ fees.

Sharita offered words of caution regarding Apple’s launch of their new iPhone last Friday: