I’ve watched this for a very long time. Life does indeed accelerate for me in the run up to Mercury retrograde just when all the advice is to slow down (see also). It must be the contrarian nature of my having natal Mercury trine natal Uranus or something! Actually I like this take on Merc rx, in that sometimes no matter what you do, stuff happens.

For me, it’s a bit like this: you try to go down a steep stair as slowly and as carefully as you can, but then you slip and are forced to go with the momentum until you stop. Somehow. Mercury retrograde is like that for me.

Mercury in its shadow phase has just ingressed Libra forming a grand cross with transiting Pluto, Mars and Uranus, in all my angular houses, and suddenly I’m forced to make a quick decision that will change my material circumstances for the next couple of years. As I posted on Twitter, the last new Moon in Leo took place in my 9th house (of travel) opposite the Aquarius stellium in my 3rd house (Mercury’s house, ruling communication and transport).

I live in a city with a decent public transport network, so when my car died last year, I gave it up and didn’t get a new one. Last weekend, I went to visit some friends and was offered a car for four months. One of my friends was going away on business and said I could use it rather than leave it in the garage idle for 4 months. Of course I agreed and happily drove it back to my place (about 2 hours drive away) on what is called ‘temporary insurance cover’, i.e. just for a day. The plan was to go onto my friend’s insurance policy as an additional driver and pay a small amount.

Without having to go over all the details, that plan fell through, and my friend called to say that the only way was for him to transfer ownership of the car to me, and for me to get my own insurance (Merc rx just loves bureaucracy!). That didn’t make sense to me, as his car is not one I would’ve got for myself — it’s large, not fuel efficient, and insures expensively. It’s fine to drive for a few months for a small fee, but if I’d had to pay the full insurance for it, I’d get my own!

So that is what I am doing this week … and conscious that I shall have to sign for it before Merc rx proper. Now I don’t ‘have’ to have a car after all, but the bank rang again (!) this morning to offer me even better rates on my loan terms and after working out the monthly payments, the various insurance and taxes, it will actually cost me less to get a car over a year than to travel by public transport! Not to mention the freedom and flexibility it allows. I know I shall be less environmentally-friendly, but I’m a fuel efficient driver and I can off-set the carbon costs in other ways. The weird thing is I very rarely make big purchases of any kind, but Merc rx comes along and almost insists I do.

Of course, Merc rx windfalls never come without hassles. I shall have to drive my friend’s car back to him within the next couple of weeks and come home by train (two to three hours there and back), while my writing work piles up (having spent my summer being pummelled by the eclipses, I’m only just getting my energy back), and having to travel smack during the retrograde period in September.

Oh wait, did I also mention my frost-free fridge currently needs defrosting (ruining everything inside it in the meantime)?

Happy Merc rx, everyone! And watch that step.

P.S. I forgot to add that when I did have my friend’s car for a day, I went and bought myself a desk and a chair so I could do some writing at home. It all fits… :D

Video: On the way to Kamaji’s, Spirited Away. Image: Pooh at a writing desk. Source: Classic Pooh Pictures.