Arrgh! I am kicking myself. Retrograding Mercury is currently streaking through my second house, the house of personal resources and money, and wiping his snot on the furniture!

Just got a letter today having incurred a £30 direct debit penalty for a £70 credit card payment. On the credit card end, they penalised me £12 + a late fee of £4 for the payment being late.

Here’s where the tricksy bit comes in. It wasn’t that I’d forgotten to pay. I had already transferred money into the outgoing account – but as the transfer window is three days (if you’re lucky) and their computers work – a miss by less than a day incurred a £46 penalty on a £70 payment. I did effect the transfer three days ahead, but depending on where the cut-off point is with the different banks, the payment bounced by a margin of hours. I never miss a payment. But I should have been extra careful this time. Grr.