In Aries

Mercury retrograde never fails to make me laugh, even as I’m grinding my teeth in exasperation.

Two years ago, I organised an event and I put in an expense claim through the company’s internal mail for a guest who had missed a flight (during the front-end shadow of Mercury retrograde in January 2010!).

Earlier today, I got a message from the expenses administrator saying the claim form had just turned up on her desk…!!

Mercury is currently station retrograding in my 4th house (past reflections here). Conjunct Uranus, expect, as I mentioned previously, increased volatility in thought and deed, as well as some radical problem-solving.

The 4th house, apart from being about where one is at home, is also (together with the 10th house) part of the axis of parents. My relationship with my parents have always been fraught with ambivalence, and a bewildering mix of love, pain, struggle and fear.

There was a heated exchange this past weekend (Mercury in fiery Aries) and an epiphany (Uranus) this morning — new information from the past was revealed and a piece of the puzzle fell into place. Something clicked. And I woke up to the fact that their pathology wasn’t mine. I wasn’t responsible for their neurosis and never have been. A sense of relief. And liberation. I give myself permission to be me.

It’s funny how you can ‘know’ this in your head, but knowing it in your heart is what makes it real.

Mercury retrograde is cycling back through Fire and Water signs this year, creating the potential for … steam! Use it to power engines, but don’t get scalded.

12 March to 4 April 2012, 6+° Aries to 23+° Pisces
14 to 8 August 2012, 12+° to 1+° Leo
6 to 26 November 2012, 4+° Sagittarius to 18+° Scorpio

Mercury is currently stationing retrograde in Aries, a Fire sign. It is close enough to Uranus for any volatility to be amplified, but also the potential for ‘out of the box’ thinking and problem-solving. So there may be the opportunity to revisit old problems and come up with creative new solutions, once you’ve sidestepped all the delays and technical glitches!

Image: Irregular Solar Coronae at the steam from hot springs at Yellowstone National Park. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

At the moment, there are a lot of planets in Aries, including Mercury. Aries is the sign of pioneering ambition and passionate adventure; Mercury in Aries may be expressed as:

  • Communicates assertively, forcefully, directly, confidently
  • Restless urge for action underlies energetic way of speaking and creative use of skills
  • Confrontation and forceful release of energy are necessary in order to learn; capacity to intuitively grasp essentials
  • Reasoning ability is colored by a self-willed release of energy toward new experience; daring new thoughts are therefore often preferred
  • Establishing true give-and-take with others can be hindered by insensitive and inconsiderate self-assertion (Arroyo 62)