Mercury retrograde is cycling back through Fire and Water signs this year, creating the potential for … steam! Use it to power engines, but don’t get scalded.

12 March to 4 April 2012, 6+° Aries to 23+° Pisces
14 to 8 August 2012, 12+° to 1+° Leo
6 to 26 November 2012, 4+° Sagittarius to 18+° Scorpio

Mercury is currently stationing retrograde in Aries, a Fire sign. It is close enough to Uranus for any volatility to be amplified, but also the potential for ‘out of the box’ thinking and problem-solving. So there may be the opportunity to revisit old problems and come up with creative new solutions, once you’ve sidestepped all the delays and technical glitches!

Image: Irregular Solar Coronae at the steam from hot springs at Yellowstone National Park. Source: Wikimedia Commons.