I was about to blog about Merc Rx in my fourth house but I realised that it was going over my IC, Immum Coeli, at the moment. The IC is the lowest point of the chart, the nadir, the point opposite the midheaven. It is also the cusp of the fourth house, usually known to govern issues to do with the home and family (see Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone). However, on a more fundamental level, the fourth house is also said to be the ‘beginning and end of all things’ (see Skyscript), in other words, the fundamental sense of who we are, and where and how we feel at home (whether or not it syncs with your current physical abode; it might not…).

When Merc Rx in the fourth house, as expected, a revisiting of fourth house issues become necessary. Cafe Astrology has this to say about when Mercury retrogrades in the fourth house of the natal chart:

The next three weeks may cause you to step back and rethink your course and reset your bearings to make sure you are really on the course you intended. Do not hesitate to question fundamental values in order to get to the heart of what you believe and resolve inner conflicts that may arise. Small insights can net you large gains, particularly in the future stability of your ship. Rock your own boat before others do, and you’ll be the better off for it. By the end, you may find risk reevaluation highly useful, particularly when you depend on others to evolve into what you will lean on in the future.

See my other blog if you’d like to know how I’m coping.

As it passes over the IC, it goes back through the third house of communications, neighbours and siblings; it is also the ‘environment in which we live and work’ (Skyscript). Cafe Astrology describes the effects of Mercury Rx in the third house as such:

The next three weeks may well mark a lot of ebbs and swirls in the social fabric you move in, with associates backing and filling and sometimes seeming less than reliable. No blame here, just a general reshuffling until everyone feels comfortable with their positions, including yourself. Try to work on removing obstacles to the flow and diplomatically shift your schedule according to who better fits your evolving agenda. Toward the end, you may have to call into question some aspects of your financial underpinnings in order to effectively make contact and cause others’ goals to come into step with your own.

I am only just making some adjustments at work especially with regard to my financial situation, and some re-shuffling will need to take place in the next couple of weeks. It is interesting, though, that I started posting this without having been aware that Mercury was right over my IC, but knowing that it’s there seems to make some sense of where I am in the present. What I am trying to say is that I am at the moment having to deal with issues that start in my fourth house but end in the third. Put another way, it appears that it was necessary to deal with the fourth house issues before I could begin to deal with those of the third.

It is crucial not to think of Mercury Rx as creating any of these issues; they are there as a matter of the course of one’s life, but planetary transits simply bring them to the foreground for a period of time. If it sounds as if I am relating generic writings on the subject with events in my life in an over-simplified manner, I’m only doing so to flag it up to myself. Like every chart and every life, the detailed colourations make up our individualities, but let’s not be too hard on simplification. Sometimes going back to the basics allows one deal with the more complex issues with greater clarity.

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