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Most of us know that Mercury retrograde can signal frustrating delays, mistakes and u-turns, but if we adjust our expectations, it is possible to be productive during this period. I have a 6th house natal Mercury placement; being ‘productive’ keeps me sane.

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Mercury retrograde may not be good for starting new projects, but as I’ve mentioned before, it can be a pretty effective time to revise, resume or reinvigorate old ones. In the past week, I have been averaging 300-500 words a day on a writing project I began quite a while ago but could never find the time to finish. The general slowdown of other activity is giving me the space to do so.

Here’s a tip: if you don’t have old projects to clear up, but still want to use the energy of Mercury retrograde, it is possible to plan ahead. What I sometimes do is I look in my calendar to see when the next retrograde period is coming up, and I start a project several weeks ahead of time, well before the storm, and then leave it aside until which time I can then complete or revise it during the retrograde period. If you can catch the energy of a new moon when you make this start, all the better. I don’t always get to time things so well, but when I do, it’s worth the effort.

959135_phone_girl Be careful of communications going awry, we’re always told, when Mercury goes retrograde. Don’t buy anything important. Don’t sign on the dotted line. Don’t rule out long-lost friends coming out of the woodwork. And so on.

I don’t know if others feel the same way, but when Mercury retrogrades, especially around the station, I actually feel — and I’ve watched this over a few retrogrades — an increased agitation and anxiety, and thus a greater need to communicate. I wondered in an early post about whether that phenomenon was in fact a signal to pay attention the state of anxiety itself, and as a result be compelled to learn to slow down.


If anyone was warned off the internet by Google’s malware message yesterday, you were caught in a temporary glitch, popping up during the Mercury storm.


On The Political Astrology Blog, Patrick Watson makes a detailed analysis of Obama’s personal history with Mercury retrogrades, and argues that Obama’s previous career triumphs all occurred during or around a Mercury retrograde period.

Watson makes the case that because Obama has a favourable relationship history with the planet, the retrogrades during his election and inauguration are likely to strengthen rather than weaken his ability to cope.

It’s worth a close read, if only because it is very rare to find an article willing to be so overwhelmingly positive about Mercury retrograde.

I forgot! I posted a question on ElsaElsa’s wonderful blog on 7 October wondering about the effects of Mercury retrograde on individual energy levels. This was my question:


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