Aquarius is a visionary, forward-looking sign. Mercury in Aquarius allows its communicative energies to be expressed in quite an intellectual, ‘big picture’, way. Mercury retrograding, however, emphasises, not looking forward, but looking back; revision, re-assessment, re-thinking of old ideas and ways of being. In some ways, Mercury retrograding in Aquarius is something of a contradiction, or a contest between forward and backward movements through time.

Maya del Mar’s writes about Merc Rx in Aquarius in February 2001:

In Aquarius we look to the future. With the retrograde, we return to the past. Thus with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, we can move through time, get a sense of history and its consequences, and see patterns and the big picture.

In addition, most of this retrograde period occurs during the Aquarius month of the year, when individualism, change, reform, and revolution are most energized. It’s the perfect time to re-evaluate the status quo and to uncover previously unseen truths.

Robert Wilkinson’s book on the phenomenon describes its energies as such:

Here Mercury’s energies slow down to rethink in a synthesizing mode. In this sign the mind searches for concretized ideals, or ideas about world or social service. … Mercury here seeks a universal vision by looking within holistically. … Mercury here sees longterm contributions to be made, and has insights into managing others’ energies. This is the resourceful mind judging from the highest ideal offering new applications of old principles. (53–54)*

This might bode well for world events. The way things are now, we could do with some good news; or rather, ‘new’ news. In the spirit of Aquarius, we can hope.

*Wilkinson has blogged about this particular retrograde here.

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