So how are people feeling? This Mercury retrograde has been a bit of a ride with Uranus involved, and doubly frustrating with Mars retrograde in Mercury-ruled Virgo.

When Mercury was retrograding in Aries, I still felt the urge to revisit and revise things; when it moved back into Pisces, however, I just felt like staying in bed.

The Mercurial energy for rationalising, organising and making lists doesn’t do that well filtered through the hazy Piscean mist, as I mentioned before. But more subtle messages may filter through as our propensity for doing slows down. Mercury in Pisces calls softly, subtly, almost like a whisper from time — we just have to listen closely.

Here’s an excerpt from an article from Planet Waves about what to pay attention to as Mercury stations direct in Pisces: 

Mercury stationing in Pisces will have an impressionistic or emotional quality. Notice your environment, in all forms of that word: the people and things around you, what you eat, the energy fields if you’re able to perceive them. ‘Energy fields’ encompasses anything from the emotional vibes to the tone quality of conversation to what you may notice on the subtle planes. With Mercury swimming around in Pisces, your dreams may be particularly revealing. As we often suggest, keep a notebook handy.


Notice, as well, your relationship to the past. Pisces is famous for its relationship to everything that we tend to forget, or want to forget. However, you may be remembering, so — remember. Notice what ‘comes up’.


Here’s excerpt from an article from Aquarius Papers:

In Pisces, Mercury’s energies show down to rethink in a movie-watching or witness mode. It is over-attracted to the past and re-examines endings and universals that may be beyond words. It is in an intuitive mode, and not quite sure of what it is seeing, hearing, or knowing.

There may be visions from the distant past, as information is constantly coming in from the collective consciousness or Collective Unconscious. This position is highly receptive to subtle signals from the subconscious, whether one’s own or that of another. There is often a lack of clarity about these signals and their meaning, resulting in ambivalence or an inability to decide anything with certainty.

There may be feelings like being lost in a fog, pressure drops into sorrow, as the mind is shifting in empathy with its environment. Mercury here is able to become a living conscience witnessing the universal human experience.

This position reasons intuitively, sees whole situations, but may have a hard time communicating satisfactorily. There is an atmospheric sensitivity and an environmental impressionability. In Pisces, Mercury retrograde can offer a gift of visionary poetry, and use a subtle sense of humor to communicate universal truths.