Not the 4G.

Take it around with you when Mercury is about to retrograde.

Apparently, one of Apple’s software engineers took a 4G prototype along with him to a beer garden on his birthday and left it behind. What happened next is recounted here.

Image: iPhone at Macworld (2007). Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Ho, ho, ho!

Extracted from an article in The Huffington Post:

An Australian publisher is reprinting 7,000 cookbooks over a recipe for pasta with “salt and freshly ground black people.”

This has to be the Merc rx gaffe to end all gaffes. If it weren’t so disturbing.

A case of Freud? Or iPhone autospell?

Or, as a friend of mine offered: ‘There’s a ghost of Freud in autospell.’

Image: Borrowed off the Huffington Post.

I’m going to try a one-event-a-post format rather than accumulate them all in one long post. None of these are likely to be accompanied by long analyses — with Mercury retrograde, I’m usually swimming upstream or stuck in quicksand — but I might make a comment or two.

While all sorts of communications glitches may occur during a retrograde, my favourite are the quirky ones — what one reporter calls ‘holy mackerel stories’.* I think the unexpected punchline characterises Mercury’s tricksiness best. Like when I was switching SIM cards in my mobile phone last week while travelling, and double-checking that the other one was safely stored in my pocketbook, only the act of checking caused it to fall out, and I lost it anyway… Anyhow, that is not the subject of today’s post.

I just read this piece about the White House’s objection to a clothing company’s use of Obama’s image on their billboard in Times Square.

The Merc rx moment is: the company agrees to take it down, but only two weeks later… ‘after figuring out a new ad campaign’.

That puts it at 22 January, on the day Jupiter (expansion) ingresses Pisces (illusions) — good for advertising, I reckon.

*Thanks to Chris Brennan of The Horoscopic Astrology Blog for the report and the mention.

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