Mercury in Virgo

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I wonder if people had any thoughts about Mercuries squaring in synastries. Mercury-Neptune opposition notwithstanding, every now and again I bump up against — not even a communication breakdown as such — but like a communication misalignment.

I once lamented about my Mercury in Gemini trying to communicate with a Mercury in Virgo. When the square is exact it makes a T-square with my Mercury-Neptune opposition which exacerbates my problem. I don’t know if other people experience Mercury squaring in the same way but for me the frustration is extreme, especially when even the attempt to communicate the frustration (as one removed from the original subject at hand) is not getting through. Triple Gemini (with Saturn in there) doesn’t know how to give up — so ends up explaining more and more and more, and ends up making the cloud denser and more obscure.


I’m late with this post on Mercury in Virgo, but I hope you all saw a shift in your productivity (Virgo) when Mercury stationed direct in 21+ Virgo on 29 September 2009.

Mercury rules Virgo but while Mercury is chatty and curious in Gemini, Mercury in Virgo is much more circumspect. Here is Stephen Arroyo’s delineation:

  • Communicates logically, critically, helpfully, humbly — sometimes negatively and skeptically
  • An urge to express one’s perceptions matter-of-factly, demonstrating one’s analytical skills
  • A need to discriminate among ideas and to put them in logical sequence in order to learn
  • Practical, helpful ideas contribute to the ability to make connections with others
  • Over-attention to details can hinder perception of the larger viewpoint and all its interconnections and broader implications (64)

Mercury stationed direct close to my midheaven in my 10th house, and just a few days before, I encountered an exhausting run-in at work to do with miscommunication and carelessness with editing (both Mercury-ruled activities). However, at the same, time I got two amazing pieces of news regarding projects that have been developing for sometime, which were commensurate with the forward-moving energy of Mercury direct: I received a book contract for an edited collection after three years in the making, and an invitation to speak on local radio over a media event I spent the summer organising.

If many of you have felt ‘blocked’ like I did most of the summer, I hope Mercury stationing direct in a work- and service-oriented sign, together with the recent Full Moon in fiery Aries, have provided some renewed energy. It may be a while before I recover from the PTSD of the summer eclipses, but at least I feel new hope!

Arroyo, Stephen. Chart Interpretation Handbook. Sebastapol, Ca.: CRCS, 1989.

[Cross-posted in my other blog]

In preparation for Mercury rx in Gemini and Virgo later this year, I thought I’d share a little life example that occurred to me recently of a conversation between someone with Mercury in Gemini (me) and someone with Mercury in Virgo. Although Mercury rules both signs, their conversational styles, processes of analyses, and most of all what they prioritise are completely different.