I have been trying to publish this for the past two days, but either kept getting interrupted or had connection problems — oh well.

Mercury is currently stationed in Taurus and due to retrograde from 17/18 April to 10/11 May 2010 (depending on which time zone you’re in), from 12°38′ to 02°40′ Taurus. And as usual I have slid straight into it.

I lost my car key today (Friday), but as with me and Mercury, it is never just the one instance of loss that makes it a Merc rx moment. For me, a real Merc rx moment has to have an element of cheeky coincidence about it.

The car was bought when Mercury retrograded in Libra last year. I’ve waited eight months for a parking permit at my place of work, which I received about a week ago. So effectively I lose the key just as I’m beginning to feel pleased about driving to work.

The car park (or parking garage, as they say in the US) is only 2 minutes walk away from my building and I didn’t leave the office all day. So it’s either still in my office somewhere (I looked about 5 times) or it might’ve dropped out of my coat pocket sometime within that 2 minutes. I discover the loss in the middle of the night as I leave the office late. The building is dark — the porters having left for the night and the lights are centrally controlled — so there’s really no question of crawling about in the dark looking for a key. I get to the parking garage, relieved that the car is still there. But now I have to get home for the spare and return within the hour because the garage will be locked up. I take a cab – making sure to ask the driver if he accepted credit cards (in some countries, they do). I think he didn’t understand me because he said yes, but then didn’t. As it turned out, I have just enough change, with about 10p leftover. And I make it back on time. Whew. It’s not the end of the world but I wish it wouldn’t spin so fast.

The next day (Saturday) I go back in to ask the porter if a key had been found. He said, I have to ask the weekday porter on Monday. Sigh. A friend suggests that I should get a steering lock in case someone had picked up the key and tried the electronic transponder on every car in the garage. I get a steering lock, and it’s the wrong size. I know when to give up. It’s Mercury retrograde after all. The key will turn up or I’ll just have to get the locks recoded.

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Image: Australian cart. Source: Wikimedia Commons.