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I wonder if people had any thoughts about Mercuries squaring in synastries. Mercury-Neptune opposition notwithstanding, every now and again I bump up against — not even a communication breakdown as such — but like a communication misalignment.

I once lamented about my Mercury in Gemini trying to communicate with a Mercury in Virgo. When the square is exact it makes a T-square with my Mercury-Neptune opposition which exacerbates my problem. I don’t know if other people experience Mercury squaring in the same way but for me the frustration is extreme, especially when even the attempt to communicate the frustration (as one removed from the original subject at hand) is not getting through. Triple Gemini (with Saturn in there) doesn’t know how to give up — so ends up explaining more and more and more, and ends up making the cloud denser and more obscure.

I don’t seem to experience as much frustration with Mercury in Pisces. I wonder if it’s because of my Mercury-Neptune contact that there’s a bit more sympatico there? Mercury in Pisces seem to be a bit more open to indeterminacy and subtly in language, Mercury in Virgo appearing so much more insistent on fixities and practicalities, which having a 6th house stellium, I can actually relate to. I do wish they’d let up a little though. Virgo (and I’ve a Virgo MC with Pluto in the 10th) sometimes feels to me a bit like a fixed sign masquerading as a mutable — just like Aquarius often feels like a mutable masquerading as fixed!

Mercury in Virgo: What does it matter if such-and-such-a-thing were true? How would it change the outcome?

Mercury in Gemini (opp Neptune): The outcome doesn’t matter. It’s the working out of whether it’s true that’s important to me.

Mercury in Virgo: But if the outcome weren’t important, why are you so agitated?

Mercury in Gemini (opp Neptune): I’m agitated because I’m trying to make you see that I’m not interested in the outcome!

Mercury in Virgo: But you must be or you won’t be agitated.

Mercury in Gemini (opp Neptune): Aargh!

In 6th house Virgoan style now, I’m wondering if anyone has a solution to this impasse? Or just live and let live? How are relationships — all kinds — impacted by the square? Anyone with other Mercury square configurations wanting to share? I come up against this bump again and again — need a workable solution really. Mercury in Virgo would be so proud.

Image: Early 20th century telephone operator. Source: Wikimedia Commons.