Another hefty retrograde coming up in December, as Mercury retrogrades amidst another intense series of transits (see previous). Mercury retrogrades on 26 December 2009 at 21+ Capricorn to 15 January 2010 at 5+ Capricorn. (Previous post on Mercury rx in Capricorn here), along with:

  • Mars retrograde in Leo, 20 December
  • Venus ingress Capricorn, 25 December (sparkly Christmas, everyone)
  • Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn conjunct the North Node, square Moon in Aries, quincunx Mars in Leo, 26 December
  • On the same day, the Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra, 26 December
  • Lunar eclipse in Cancer, 31 December
  • When Mercury stations direct, it will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra, 15 January 2010

Heavy-duty holidays ahead, but perhaps the astrology is only confirming what we’re all already feeling, and also a time to jettison old baggage and reduce waste, in order to face the new year leaner, though hopefully not meaner.

I’ll post any interesting updates from the astro-blogosphere when I can.

Image: Fireworks. Source: Wikimedia Commons.