Mercury enters into a t-square between Mars and Pluto this week, with the Saturn-Uranus opposition very close by, ahead of a similar configuration during its retrograde station in September. There is, however, something quite special about this t-square in that it occurs between 0 and 1 degrees in three of the cardinal signs (Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury in Libra), contacting what is known as the Aries Point (see also).

The Mars-Pluto opposition is always potentially explosive (the assassination of Benazir Bhutto coincided with one such opposition). Throw Mercury into the mix, and you have the possibility of a fight started by a thoughtless remark.

However, Mercury in Libra offers the potential for meaningful dialogue (Mercury) if diplomacy (Libra) is exercised. Because Libra is a cardinal sign, diplomacy is likely to be accompanied by leadership and authority (think referee or umpire), rather than the conciliatory kind more likely with the other dual signs (Gemini and Pisces).

If the Aries Point triggers an impetus to move from individual to society, from within to without, we may see some of this energy played out on the world stage this week, which may then be further refined, reflected on or refuted when Mercury retrogrades and hits the same points later in September.

Hopefully, the Libran Moon that created a similar t-square between Mars and Pluto last weekend has offered up some early pointers.

Image: Referee signal for washout (in ice hockey). Source: Wikimedia Commons.