Transits of Sep 7, 2009 Mercury stations retrograde in Libra on 7 September 2009, and I have been meaning to blog about the chart for weeks but have been in denial….

From the Ptolemiac aspects at least, it looks to be a challenging day, with only one trine amid a grand cross and a number of yods. The grand cross is out of sign but because one of the points is the Moon, which moves quite quickly, I’d say it’ll feel like a grand cross nonetheless. And if even if you preferred to dispute the configuration, the retrograde Mercury still forms the apex of a t-square between Mars and Pluto — talk about the potential for explosive conversation!

In addition, together with the Moon, the Aquarius stellium (whatever you choose to call it) will form the base of a yod configuration towards the Sun and Saturn. Lots of emotional (Moon) adjustment (quincunxes) and wounding/healing (the Aquarius Clusterfuck) to a sense of Self (Sun) tempered by limits (Saturn). Of course, a potential for growth as well, but I can’t see the Moon-Venus trine offering enough of a salve for this one!

But who knows? After the crazy summer of eclipses, we may be more battle-hardy than we think.

I’ll post about events as they unfold, as well as comments from pro astrologers. A previous post on Mercury in Libra may be found here.

Update, 19 August, ElsaElsa:

…this energy in that is very assertive and controlling. …

Mercury turns retrograde in Libra while squaring Mars and Pluto in Cardinal signs. You are going to go over agreements with people and if the agreements are not FAIR you are going to run into trouble.