I blogged last year about Mercury retrograde (in Gemini) trine Neptune retrograde (in Aquarius) as ‘talking through a fog’. Energy flows smoothly in a trine. Mercury (in Taurus) is currently making its third and final square to Neptune which is currently retrograding once again in Aquarius. The first pass was on 25 April, the second on 23 May, and the third on 9 June. Energy passing through a square can feel like it is forced over an obstacle or through a very narrow passage.

Red_King_sleeping Mercury (albeit direct now) square Neptune can produce blocks in communication, perhaps resulting from fuzzy (Neptune) logic (Mercury), or overly idealistic (Neptune) thinking (Mercury). It may also drain (Neptune) the energy out of communication (Mercury), or too much thinking (also Mercury)! But I am not certain how many experience this — I’m certainly feeling it. It may be that my own natal Mercury is opposite my natal Neptune, or that Neptune is currently squaring the ruler of my Gemini Sun (Mercury) and conjunct the ruler of my chart (Jupiter).

At any rate, I have been feeling like wanting to hide under the bed. I’m looking forward to regaining some of my energy when Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini on 14 June, though Jupiter is also slowing to a retrograde on 15 June.

Here are a few comments and responses to Mercury square Neptune (conjunct Chiron and Jupiter) from other astro-bloggers:

They might resonate with what you’re feeling.

Image: Red King sleeping, (Alice) Through the Looking Glass. Source: Wikimedia Commons.