Hamster in a wheel in slow motion.

At least that’s my visualisation of the sense of exhausted limbo we seem to be in.

Neith has a much more elegant image of a hummingbird poised above a feeder. She writes:

Between Mercury stationing direct today, Chiron stationing retrograde, Neptune stationing retrograde yesterday and Saturn, while now direct, still barely moving, I’m stuck in neutral along with lots of other people.

Mercury stations direct in Taurus today and although blocks incurred during the retrograde are likely to clear, many of us may continue to feel like we’re stuck in mud — however hard we’re revving our engines, the wheels just have no traction. The lights may have turned green, but Mercury in Taurus still doesn’t like to hurry, and mental processes and communications may feel like they’re plodding forward ever so slowly, though hopefully also surely.

Wheels and deals should feel more energised when Mercury enters Gemini, its home sign, in two weeks time.

Image: Hamsterkraftwerk. Source: Wikimedia Commons.