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In preparation for Mercury rx in Gemini and Virgo later this year, I thought I’d share a little life example that occurred to me recently of a conversation between someone with Mercury in Gemini (me) and someone with Mercury in Virgo. Although Mercury rules both signs, their conversational styles, processes of analyses, and most of all what they prioritise are completely different.

Mercury in Virgo (worrier): Problem, problem, problem, I’ve got so many problems.

Mercury in Gemini (abstracter): But are the problems real problems or are you making them problems?

Mercury in Virgo (practical): What would you have me do? Would it be better to let it all drop and go to pieces?

Mercury in Gemini (abstracter): That’s not the point! The point is not that the problem is not there but how you approach it! And how you’re approaching this is revealing something about your hidden anxieties .

Mercury in Virgo (service oriented): Look, I have to do this, this, this, and that, too!!

Mercury in Gemini (continues to abstract, revelling in the intellectual process): Pfiffle. We all have duties and responsibilities, but you wave them around like a weapon. What are you really avoiding?

Mercury in Virgo (detail oriented): I’m not avoiding anything. If I were, I wouldn’t be this stressed about having to do this, this, this, and that, too!!

Mercury in Gemini (still hoping the intellectual stance will work): Look, we can agree to disagree. The way I see it, you narrate your obligations as a way of coping, I like pursuing implications.

Mercury in Virgo: Am I obligated to answer that?

Mercury in Gemini: What would be the implications of that?

Gemini and Virgo square each other, so despite the joint rulership of Mercury, they’ll never see eye to eye. Mercury in Gemini squaring Mercury in Virgo (and in this scenario, the aspect is exact) think and speak differently. Both are consummate communicators, and both enjoy thinking and analysing, but what and how they choose to communicate and analyse are mostly incommensurate. Geminis like ideas and enjoy pushing and pushing Virgos to think laterally, Virgos like certainty in detail and will defend themselves from the onslaught of words by tunnelling even further into the minutiaie of the problem. Of course, depending on the context, this process can be challenging but also invigorating.

And probably, in the case above, funnier too if we didn’t break up shortly after.