Barack Obama was elected on the day Saturn made the first of its five exact conjunctions with Uranus until 2010. The day he is sworn into office, Mercury will be retrograde at 0° Aquarius, conjunct the Sun in Aquarius. The chart of the inauguration can set the tone for the administration as a whole, and this is what Alex Miller-Mignone, writing forMaya Del Mar’s Daykeeper Journal, has to say on the subject:

The Obama administration will be highlighted by an exact conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 0 Aquarius, with Mercury retrograde. This mirrors the Clinton administration, which also sported a Sun/Mercury conjunction, and stands in sharp contradistinction to the Bush administration, with no aspect between the two. Both Clinton and Obama are noted for rhetorical gifts which were sadly lacking in Bush, and this can be intuited from the relative combinations of Sun and Mercury in the charts for these administrations.

Obama’s is the only one of these administrations to take power under Mercury retrograde, which may have to do with the need to roll back many of the decisions and actions of the past eight years, but could also indicate a more introspective, deliberative cast to the new leadership, as well as the likelihood of some significant degree of bureaucratic and administrative confusion, delay or ineffectiveness. Sun/Mercury in conjunction also suggests a more youthful, energetic administration, something noted in the Clinton years which largely evaporated under Bush, who, despite being of Clinton’s generation, depended on so many of his father’s former advisors and long-time cronies in key positions.

This is an interesting example of Mercury retrograde in a chart not necessarily indicating a loss of words (or ideas!) — contrast that with GWB’s ‘misunderestimations‘! — but perhaps having the necessary circumspection to reflect before one speaks.

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