Retrograding Mercury is conjunct the Sun at 14° Libra today, forming what is known as an inferior conjunction. This Wikipedia article has a very nice explanation and diagram of what an inferior conjunction is, and I quote:

An inferior conjunction occurs when the two planets lie in a line on the same side of the Sun.

And Robert Wilkinson of Aquarius Papers offers an insightful explanation of what the two types of conjunctions are.

Eric Francis of Planet Waves seems to prefer the term ‘interior’ rather than ‘inferior’, ‘exterior’ rather than ‘superior’. Perhaps he favours the judgement-neutrality of interior/exterior, which are descriptive terms, rather than the more subjective inferior/superior distinction. I have to concur with the sentiment and shall use interior/exterior here (just to confuse matters :P).

The interior conjunction of retrograding Mercury with the Sun indicates the halfway point of the retrograde period — the crest of the wave or the peak of the climb, if you like. It is the point where all the potential energy of the retrograde is gathered and threatens to break, or release, over the rest of the time until Mercury stations direct and communicative and mental activities regain their forward momentum.

Wilkinson writes that:

The inferior conjunction is when Mercury (mind) conjuncts the Sun (life) while retrograde, indicating that signals, messages, and ideas from either outer sources or subconscious sources will fuse with the life principle, setting the tone for the lessons involving how our minds are relating to our lives during the next four months. Since Mercury is retrograde, the degree of the inferior conjunction shows how our lives will merge with our perceptions and bring forth a new understanding of our light.

He describes the effects of this conjunction in Libra thus:

The 11 days before the inferior conjunction (fusion) of mind and life is a good time to take a new look at how you can bring out your inner wisdom by adjusting to a future vision or broader perspective that’s opening for you, and get a new point of view regarding what your imagination is willing to consider and how to coordinate your life to reorganize it productively. It’s great for intuitive flashes, insights into the larger collective consciousness and unconsciousness, and you should find a new ease and sophistication among those you’re with.

There has been so much see-sawing on the world stage over the past week and a half, that I stopped cataloguing every little shift in position, decision, and counter-decision, by world leaders announced in the news. There are only so many hours in day, and on a personal level, I’m encountering my own little see-saws in my daily life and work. For extensive coverage of events, especially in American politics, see the Huffington Post ; for UK news, try the Independent (if only because I think they have better comment and analyses). Beleaguered UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is having his own see-saw atop a merry-go-round, except that it is constantly being ‘out-newsed’ by dire financial news. Yes, the two are linked, but the news headlines can only spare one soundbite at a time.

Merc rx through the 10th house

This Merc rx in Libra is moving through my 10th house, usually described as the house of ‘career’, but more nuanced as what I would call the house of ‘one’s place in the world’. The Libran themes of justice, balance, and harmony, are certainly making themselves felt at work in particular, and the people I work with. Not over day-to-day 6th house matters, but over large-scale career-making projects with a public impact (all 10th house). I’ve been bumping up against truths that aren’t what they seemed, i.e. not outright lies, but sort of slightly distorted (Neptune’s foggy hall of mirrors). Mercury is known to be creative with the truth, but in Libra, there are always two sides to the truth. In addition, for all its penchant for justice and fairness, I find that Libra can sometimes choose to favour balance and harmony over a single truth. Famed for seeing both sides of the issue, Libran energies are useful for shining light on both perspectives, but not always for singling one out.

The interior conjunction is also in exact conjunction to my natal Uranus in the 10th, challenging my sense of being a unique individual (Uranus) with a life mission (10th house), a trailblazer (if only in my own mind…), as I am confronted with multiple truths, or multiple lies, depending on the point of view (Libra).

The only thing to do is stay aware of the multiple positions (good to be a Gemini in this instance) and wait to see how the various strands play themselves out over the next week and a half before Mercury stations direct. Even more interesting would be to see what truths are revealed at or around the exterior conjunction of Mercury to the Sun in Sagittarius, the truth seeker, on 25th November 2008.

Anyone else feel like they’re on the verge of truth/s?