Oh my, what can one say about the see-sawing events during the first week of this Mercury retrograde in Libra (fairness, justice, balance)? The week is marked also by a new moon in Libra.

I won’t (can’t!) even try to connect all the dots but shall refer you to many that do.

US$700bn financial bailout plan and related crises:

  1. US Congress rejects bailout plan
  2. US Senate endorses plan, Bush tries to push it through the House
  3. Some analysts’ views seeming to affirm how ‘old’ views and expectations (Saturn) can’t work any more (Uranus): Hale Stewart, for the Huffington Post; Dean Baker for truthout.org
  4. CNBC actually mentions Mercury retrograde in their bulletin
  5. Some astrological analyses: from Wall Street Weather; the issue of trust, according to Eric Francis on the Planet Waves blog; Astrotabletalk, for an insightful bird’s eye view

Amid all the doom and gloom (Pluto), I draw your attention to Johann Hari’s article for the Independent, in which he calls for a new faith in change. His article puts into words all the potentially positive sentiments of outer planet transits, if/when we can get over our resistance (Saturn), i.e. Uranian abruptness (new deal), Neptunian idealism (sea of shimmering opportunities), and Plutonian change (darkness, death):

In the darkness, a sea of shimmering opportunities has just opened up. Market fundamentalism is dead. Long live the New Deal – and active, regulating, redistributing government.

The phoenix will rise from the ashes if we let it.

Image: See-saw with kids. Source: Wikimedia Commons.