The last Mercury retrograde in Gemini trined Neptune’s retrograde station in Aquarius. I posted then that it might feel like one is talking through a fog.

Neptune is currently still retrograding in Aquarius, and will form a trine with retrograding Mercury in Libra, the sign of justice, fairness and balance. This encounter may cause us to revisit events or issues that surfaced during the last retrograde. Neptune, as I mentioned, dissolves boundaries. At its highest expression, Neptune is about ideals, spirituality and compassion; at its lowest, about deception, delusion, and drugs.

If Merc rx in Gemini reminded us to sound the fog horn, Merc rx in Libra may make us stop and think about how far we’ve allowed ourselves to be deluded. This week, as Mercury slowed to a halt, it may be harder and harder for us to remain narcotised. The drugs are having less and less of an effect; or rather, the drugs are themselves part of the problem:

If you track the history of Neptune in Aquarius, it’s one scandal after the next, but so far I haven’t heard the word scandal used in the mainstream media; everything is just business as usual. Scandal is an understatement. And that includes how the American public ran up its credit cards on cheap goods from China and the lenders who profited, while Washington ran up $9 trillion in national debt, much of it to China, and much of it to fund a war that costs $230 million a day.

Chiron is now in Aquarius, and that is a wake-up call. If Neptune is the energy of sleepy delusion and denial — mainly because so many people shun the spirituality and love that it could represent — Chiron is the energy of awakening and the crisis that leads to consciousness. Chiron is now just five degrees from a conjunction with Neptune, which will exact on May 31, 2009. (Eric Francis, ‘Full Moon Over Wall Street’)

Neptune entered Aquarius in January 1998 (see rant by Eric Francis here), a whole decade ago, for the first time since 1847. Like all major outer planet transits, things never quite look the same again. Can we recall what life was like before 1998? Neptune will stay in Aquarius until February 2012 (many would note it as the eve of the Mayan prophecy), and won’t return to Aquarius in our life times, the next ingress scheduled for March 2161. Whether humanity gets to the next cycle may depend on what we do with this one.

Image: December fog. Source: Wikimedia Commons.