Mercury will station retrograde (22°50′) conjunct Mars in Libra (23°22′) on 24th September 2008. Let’s look at some of the energies at play there.

Mercury in Libra, as I’ve already noted, according to Stephen Arroyo, may be expressed thus:

  • Communicates intelligently, personably, diplomatically, and elegantly
  • Urge to express one’s perceptions harmoniously — in a fair-minded, objective mode — to balance all polarities
  • Needs to be impartial and tactful in order to establish connections with others
  • Verbal expression is colored by an artistic, aesthetic sense
  • Seeks balance and objectivity in personal interactions, and needs feedback on ideas to clarify them
  • Awareness of all points of view can hinder the ability to come to a decision (Arroyo 64)

Mars in Libra may be expressed thus:

  • Asserts self sociably, cooperatively, charmingly, with direct relatedness
  • Desire to harmonize all polarities underlies one’s will toward action
  • Physical energy and decisiveness are strongly affected by one’s close relationships and by aesthetic influences
  • Initiative and drive are tactfully and tactically directed toward balance and fairness
  • Pursuit of one’s desires can be hindered by indecisiveness while one weighs the options (Arroyo, 74)

Mercury conjunct Mars blends communication with assertion/aggression. From Cafe Astrology, people with Mercury-Mars conjunctions ‘don’t give an opinion as much as assert a point of view’, ‘dislike vagueness and fuzzy thinking, and are quick to point out the discrepancies in another’s argument’. With Mars involved, the tendency to speak in anger is also probable. However, with Mercury stationing retrograde in fair-minded Libra, it’s possible that a sense of justice in communication will prevail, but just as well as a sense of dogmatic justice. With the help of the retrograde, we may be asked to be more than conscious of the distinction between the two.

Arroyo, Stephen. Chart Interpretation Handbook. Sebastapol, Ca.: CRCS, 1989.

Image: Mars from the Hubble Space Telescope. Source: Wikimedia Commons.