Mercury stations retrograde at 22°50′ Libra on 24 September 2008 at 8:16am GMD. (And I’m travelling again on that day — I seem to be travelling during every Merc retrograde this year). I thought I would post the major (Ptolemaic) aspects to stationing Mercury and see what comes up later.

Mercury is the little symbol in green on the left — the circle on top of the cross with the little horns. The rest of the astrological symbol key can be found here. (You can get a larger version of the chart if you click on the image).

A planetary station occurs when it is about to change directions, and it is where its energies are most concentrated. A planet stations retrograde when it is about to turn retrograde, and stations direct when it is about to go direct.

In September, Mercury stations retrograde on the 24th with the following major aspects:

  • Merc rx conjunct Mars in Libra
  • Merc rx square Moon in Cancer
  • Merc rx trine Neptune in Aquarius

I will work through them over the next few days.