Pink cuffs Just when I thought I’d escaped this Merc rx in Gemini relatively (and I mean, very relatively) unscathed, Mercury goes direct with the biggest bang I’ve experienced in a long while — I become the latest crime statistic in my city.

Okay, all you astro-sceptics, I’m not saying Mercury caused any of this. My own stupidity and careless should probably take most of the blame for that. What this incident today calls into attention for me are all the little decisions I made over the past three weeks, well-knowing Mercury was retrograde, and not stopping to pay attention.

Some stories can only be told in bullet points, and this is one of them:

  • 4:50pm: I rush out of my office to reach the main reception in my building to catch the internal mail before the reception closes at 5:00pm. Stupidly leave the door to my office unlocked.
  • 5:05pm: Return to my office to find a strange man coming out of it! We both jump, but I assume he’s a student. He mutters something about a wrong room. I notice a flash of pink and white in his hands but the light doesn’t come on in my head until…
  • 5:06pm: I realise I’ve been burgled. The flash of pink (magenta, really) was my purse, and the white was my phone.
  • 5:07pm: I am downstairs explaining to the porter what’s happened. Does the thief not choose then to walk by!! I stop him to ask for my property but he denies everything and runs off before either the porter or I could stop him.
  • 5:08pm: I’m on the phone cancelling every card I have.
  • 5:10pm: Security arrives and I tell them the story, write a report, and am trying to itemise everything I’d lost. The porter asks me, ‘What about a watch?’ Watch, I think, what watch? He said he’d seen the man fiddling with a watch in his hand, a watch with a metallic strap.
  • 5:11pm: I add a watch to my list of lost items.
  • 5:18pm: I find my bus ticket for the week — yippee I can at least get home (*add any amount of sarcasm and irony here*).
  • 5:30pm: I borrow some money from a friend and with her sage advice decide to stick to my plans to watch a film (0 for phone thief, 1 for Wim Wenders)
  • 6:00pm: I ring the police to make a report and am told my incident number is 2010 and 2406.

    Eh, whazzat? I ask.

    ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘ the incident number is 2010 followed by today’s date. We reset the count each day.’

    Ah, I replied, not a little incredulous, and I’m incident 2010th today?!

    ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘Must be the full moon.’

Bull whip Here’s where the trickster really shows his mettle:

  1. I was rushing out to send off some expenses claims via internal mail, expenses claims which I’d avoided dealing with while Merc was rx.
  2. The purse I picked up last weekend because I noticed a bad rip in my old one and thought it was bad fengshui to keep it…
  3. The watch I missed all of last week because I’d left it in the dashboard of my car, and I’d left my car at the garage (the car had been acting up all through the rx), and was convinced the mechanic would nick the watch. I got the car and the watch back yesterday, and decided to wear the watch today…

There are more interconnections but you get the idea… My t-shirt slogan for the week: ‘I’m a Gemini, and even I get run ragged by Mercury.’

Images: Sexy pink cuffs and bull whip. Sources: stock.xchng and wikimedia commons