I have been trying to write this post for the past two hours, but between interruptions and the connection acting up, all I can do is save every so often. (I suppose this may be a sign to write in a text programme before posting, but I haven’t cultivated that much patience yet…)

This Mercury retrograde in Gemini (from 21° 32′ to 12° 58′, 26th May to 19th June) is going over the stellium (including natal Sun and Mercury) in my 6th house (daily routine), and this video pretty much sums up my week so far:

Today’s events, in particular, seem to deserve some attention. Because I’ve been travelling, I haven’t had a chance to register my car in England (I’ve moved from Northern Ireland, and apparently, according to drivers’ licensing, it’s a foreign country…). I second guessed Merc rx and thought that if I didn’t deal with it now, the rx was going to throw it back at me by getting my car impounded or whatever.

Note to self: ‘Never try to second guess Merc rx.’

Here’s how the day went:

  1. Spent the entire morning going over the forms and triple checking the necessary documents.
  2. Look up the location of the licensing office in the road atlas and still manage to get lost.
  3. Nearly kill myself a couple of times when the gears in my car don’t engage properly. (And I’m a conservative driver.) I drive for the rest of the day in fear of an accident.
  4. I locate the building only to find there is no parking available (or maybe I missed a sign for private parking). I park on the road.
  5. I go in and take a number. 527. The queue at the time was at around 400. I settle down to wait, noting that I’d forgotten both my book and my iPod, which I usually carry with me precisely for occasions like this.
  6. After about an hour, my number gets called, and the process is relatively smooth (perhaps because I triple checked them earlier in the morning, but we’ll see).
  7. I go out to get my car, and find a parking ticket. I’d unwittingly parked in a residential area. The penalty is £70, but 50% is waived if i pay in 14 days. I briefly consider contesting it, but am too tired, and besides, in all likelihood, I’d missed a sign because I was tired.
  8. Later in the afternoon, I try to be a good citizen and log in to the council web site to pay the fine. I get this message:

    You will not be able to view the details of your parking ticket online until after 10am on the next working day after your ticket was issued.

  9. I laugh, and decide to write this post (that was three hours ago).
  10. As soon as I hit ‘publish’, I’m pouring myself a drink.