In February 2008, when Mercury was retrograding in Aquarius, I blogged about Microsoft’s bid to take over Yahoo. I wrote:

What’s interesting about Microsoft’s announcement during this Mercury rx in Aquarius is how the old establishment (Capricorn) is attempting to establish control (Pluto) over a younger upstart, by using a previous upstart, Yahoo, incorporated in 1995, but over-expanded (Pluto in Sag). In other words, there appears to be a cycle of big fish trying to eat smaller-but-getting-bigger fish.

Mercury rx in Aquarius appears to be providing the environment under which the battle of these titans is drawn to the surface. That Mercury is in retrograde in the maverick sign of Aquarius, however, suggests perhaps that the outcome may not be what anybody expects.

Today, with Mercury’s ingress into Gemini (announcement), quincunx Pluto rx in Capricorn (corporate backtracking), square Saturn in Virgo (prudence), it is announced that Microsoft has abandoned the bid for Yahoo.

Update, 5th May: Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought it was bad timing.