As Mercury glides towards its home sign of Gemini, my Sun sign, entering it on Friday, 2nd May, and prepares to retrograde in Gemini from 26th May to 19th June, I am thinking of re-thinking the format of this blog. Very much a task for Mercury rx in Gemini, I’d say.

Having just moved jobs and cities less than a month ago, I am currently still half living out of boxes. At the same time, I am travelling for most of May, so I am not likely to see any stability in my routine until mid-June.

I will try and blog on and off while I am on the road, if the retrograde allows me access to the internet! However, I am still uncertain as to what form the new format should take. I may carry on as I have for the rest of the year, making small modifications as I go along, or I may try and post more often, giving each incident and entry its own post, instead of logging it onto one long post. Or try something else altogether. I don’t really know yet.

That last paragraph is an example of someone with Sun-Mercury in Gemini thinking aloud. I understand that its lack of certainty is frustrating to those who’d prefer to know, but I hope you will bear with me while I work it out. I’ve long learned to trust my instincts — it may seem like my thoughts are meandering, but each option is being simultaneously weighed out in my mind, and the answer will emerge out of the cogitation, like a card from a deck being shuffled.

In the meantime, enjoy the sociability and chattiness of Mercury in Gemini for most of May, and some of you may even find yourselves bursting with the desire to put your ideas into words, but also remember to back up all your data in anticipation of the retrograde in June!