In an earlier post, I summarised Eric Francis’ themes for Mercury retrograde in Aquarius as a reminder to ourselves ‘to get in touch with our own humanity that we may thus get in touch with the collective’. Robert Wilkinson expresses it in more grounded terms, but the main themes are there.

Here are excerpts from his article:

When Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius it’s a good time to re-examine our internal connections, and find what we’ve lost in the way of ideal visions of a greater way that make us feel like we’re contributors to a better world. Take a new look at your internal and external ways of why you do or do not want to be part of a larger group work, and how we can concretize that which feeds our sense of greater purpose through managing collective power.

Many will need to reconsider goals, ambitions, and friendships that are no longer fulfilling, and ways of responding to perceived shared creative vision that are either draining or generating momentum. Through seeing what’s being grounded in the way of a new visionary imperative, we can come to mental power and forms of expressing ourselves throughout the rest of the cycle.

Regard much that presents itself these next few weeks in terms of seeing a larger contribution with others to our world and understanding the emotional-social-cultural connections that are strengthened by cooperation in launching a shared vision. This is the rearranging of groups of people who belong together, which each personality contributing its unique flavor to the overall collective energy.

Find those who share your ideals, and allow individuality to be “uplifted” by the group energy. This is the extension of what we got earlier in 2007 that allowed us to prove our capacity to do what we claim to be able to do, and then mid-year integrate decisions showing a new life allegiance and dedication. Those who searched for the Mystery found a new form of God, Truth, and Eternal Self taking flight in their lives.