I forgot! I posted a question on ElsaElsa’s wonderful blog on 7 October wondering about the effects of Mercury retrograde on individual energy levels. This was my question:

BatteryI wonder if anyone feels completely drained in the days just before Mercury goes retrograde? I am finding that as Mercury slows down just prior to retrograding, my batteries go completely flat. Where I’d ordinarily function quite well on 5 or 6 hours of sleep, suddenly 10, 11 or even 12 hours might not be enough.

The feeling is of a heaviness in the body, and having to literally peel myself off the bed, and the mind feels like it’s wading through quicksand. It only lasts for a few days and when Mercury retrogrades properly, I’m back to normal energy levels, trying to clean out my closets or whatever.

From the relative lack of response, it seems like not many feel the same way. What I’m describing above seems to indicate a Mars retrograde which is occuring at the moment, but while I’m certainly feeling overworked, I don’t feel like my batteries have gone flat.

Curious. Let’s see what happens at the next retrograde on 28 January to 19 February 2008 (too soon!).